Ok this is gonna be long.
As a fanboy of Jo, at the time i started this book after reading (very) bad reviews about it, i kept telling my self; open your mind, it’s a script book which is different from the others, and nothing can make Jo failed you.

Well, She failed me.

I’m really sure she just took a super tiny lil part writing this book, because everything just don’t make sense.

1. It’s only -literally only- about Albus and Scorpius. If you’re looking for other 2nd gen characters, not a chance. Not even Teddy Lupin!

2. The dialogue -all of it- is rubbish. Feels like reading a middle school play scripts made by lamest fans ever who maybe got a lil bit excitement in LGBT. I mean, boys friendship should be like Ron-Harry….not like, well…

3. The twist. Puhleaaaseeee reallly?!?! Voldemort the dark lord did that???? Seriously Jo, you just made one of the best villain ever as low as a drug dealer gangsta!

4. If one of your reason to love Jo is because how she creates some unique names….let’s rethink about it.

See??all the reasons why i hate this book…i don’t think Jo even touch 10% of it.

I finally found my worst Harry Potter series.

Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two (Special Rehearsal Edition) by J.K. Rowling

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i know i know that i promised myself to finish that book lists on my “where-have-you-been” reading challange..but when it comes to JKR (or Galbraith), i surely will be distracted.

What i can say about this book is….WOA,WHAT A ROLLER COSTER FEELINGS! As usual, JKR serves us deeper thoughts and feeling about the characters she develop, and in this 3rd series of Cormoran Strike i keep changing my mood from intense and thrilling moments to giggling enthusiastically following the up and downs of Strike-Robin’s relationship.

If Agatha Christie a sensible wingbacked chair, then Robert Galbraith is a vast, overstuffed sofa, complete with dog hair and something unmentionable behind the cushions.

Ps: if you’re a fans of Strike-Robin, you better get ready at the end of the stories.

Reading Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

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Satu pesan dari Ki Hadjar Dewantara yang saya ingat dari museum sumpah pemuda;

Pemuda Indonesia harus siap bekerja untuk Indonesia dengan cara Indonesia. Sesaatpun tak pernah mengkhianati tanah air dan bangsa, lahir dan batin tak pernah mengkorup kekayaan bangsa.

Selamat hari sumpah pemuda, para pemuda Indonesia! Bekerja, berilmu dan berhatinurani!

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Now watching : Mata Najwa Belajar dari Jendral Sudirman.

1. Patung jendral Sudirman dibuat dengan sikap hormat bukan karena beliau ingin dihormati, tapi beli ingin selalu menghormati rakyatnya.
2. Pak dirman tidak pernah menggunakan jampi-jampi ataupun klenik yang selalu terdengar di beberapa cerita, tapi beliau mengakui, “jimat” yang selalu beliau bawa adalah selalu berperang dalam keadaan berwudhu
3. Terus berjuang bergerilya meskipun paru-paru tinggal 1, meskipun presiden Soekarno dan wakil presiden Hatta sudah ditawan, itulah yang membangkitkan puluhan ribu pahlawan Indonesia terus berjuang di agresi militer Belanda II

….dan pasti masih banyak lagi fakta-fakta yang membuat saya makin terharu dan mengidolakan pak Dirman ❤ #dirgahayu #RI70

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Mungkin kebanyakan orang kalau ditanya apa yang dibayangkan jika jalan-jalan ke daratan Tiongkok akan menjawab, “Wah, susah bahasanya” atau “Katanya jorok ya?”. Yup, itu juga yang saya alami ketika sedang mempersiapkan perjalanan ke Tiongkok dengan suami bulan April 2015 lalu. Sebelumya saya memang sudah sempat mengunjungi Beijing dalam rangka business trip. Waktu itu aman-aman aja sih, tapi kan segala sesuatu yang sudah diatur dengan travel agent akan berasa aman-aman saja. Hahaha. Jadi lah saya dan suami mempersiapkan segala sesuatu mulai dari belajar sedikit-sedikit kosa kata Mandarin, berbagai makanan kaleng (biar makanan tetap bersih, halal, dan gak ribet mesen-mesen karena kendala Bahasa), segala macam alat sanitasi mulai dari tissue kering, tissue basah, hand sanitizer, tissue basah berbentuk sarung tangan yg bisa dipakai untuk mandi, dll, dsb. Ternyata, sudah dengan persiapan segitunya tetep aja saya dan suami menemukan hal-hal lucu yang tampaknya memang khas kita temukan saat traveling ke negeri Tiongkok.

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We were taking Mutianyu Great Wall tour and quiet happy that it’d be only 6 of us to join today’s tour.

2nd stop after jade factory, we visited Ming Tombs. There’s not much special thing there, except when we went back to our car we had to go through a gate while yelling,”i’m coming back”. It is meant to swap away the bad spirits that can be followed us home.
Men should step on by their left foot, while women by their right foot. – with Salman

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It’s just…one of the best museums i ever visited!

Shanghai history museums provide an interactive and very complete showcase, telling us all stories about shanghai since ming dynasti to foreign concession, opium war and until 20th century.
Along the path, we can hear voices of old shanghai from its market to its china opera. Plus, i can even smell the salted fish scent when i walked thru the market!

Every corner is full of surprice! – with Salman

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