What a Damn Day!

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Internship@LG

hah.After lunch, and i got a lot of reasons why i have to hate today.hahaha!

First.  Right after i finished my lunch. Im in the middle of que to get a drink and i met Fauzan, one of the operator who works in Cell Line.

I asked him wether cell line will work or not.  And he answered, with smile “not”….another useless day for coming to Lucky Goldstar today.

Second.  I planned to buy a bottle of water at the “koperasi”, when i saw that “koperasi” i just remembered.  That i didint bring my wallet.  Fortunately, i remembered that i brought 5000 in my pocket.  So, i bought a bottle of water that i wanted. Now im worried i cant go back home coz i don’t have any money to pay bajaj…

Third. When i came back to the room, it’s still dark as usual. I knew that i couldn’t do anything with my laptop.  So all i thought is my iTouch (named Moby).  Dark room, sleepy me, nice and slow songs from my iTouch.  Aren’t they perfectly matched to accompany me to get sleep. So I opened my bag….looking for Moby…and…stopped.   Coz i remembered that Moby is locked inside the drawer, same drawer where i kept my laptop everyday at lunch time.  And the key was bought by Mr.Nanang….

N i just asked mr. Nanang wether cell is already work or not.  Just in case Fauzan wrong about it.  And…still, he answered : not

damn today!!!!!!!

btw, this is the first post which i wrote with a full english.

  1. Nanang says:

    Kasian deh lo……..

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