new wordpress application for BB storm!!

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Lifestyle, Travelling and Culliner, Reviews and Spoillers

This is the first time I update my blog from my BB storm..actually I already knew about it since I got my ‘badai’. But,I really don’t have enough time to explore about it in the middle of busy days of college.. first’s kinda cool..well,I dunno what the previous version looks like. But,I like what they give us here. We can easily update,edit or manage our posts,pages, or comments…

I think it will help me a lot in updating my blog..I like it since what I did these days is just microblogging (twitter)…now I can update my blog whenever and whereever I want!hahaaaayyy!!!

What I’m afraid is..I think I’m going to be more unstable girl!hahaha..!!!


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