WordPress in the middle of IECOM

Posted: January 14, 2010 in college and dorm life, Family and Friends

yap yap yap..

here i come in the middle of duty on IECOM 2010 as a LO (Liaison Officer).  And this is me, stuck, inside the MM room, being LO of UGM Team names Menang Yukk….What am i really doing here actually??here i’m gonna share it with you

As a LO, i have to be as warm as i can, to accompany all the participants during the competition.  But, as one of the seniors amongst committee, Farah, our Chief of LO, assigns us to be the Room LO.  Because all the participants only come to their room at night after all activities are done, we can say that we are Night shift LO.  so, we welcome the tired participants with our best smile (just like what stewardess do on that airplane, hell, yeah!), provide them the better service (served everything what they need. One of participant ever asked me to buy some underwear! and, yeah, he’s a man. great!).  We have to make sure that they don’t sleepover, wake up early every morning so that they don’t get the penalty from the consequences  of their lateness, and of course, act as a liaison, share all the informations from all committee during the competition to all participants.

As a room LO, i get room 117 under my responsibility at nights.  For the first eliminary round till the last round before the grand final, my room is consisted of 5 persons.  there are Yosef, Budhi, and ***(oh my god, i forget his name!) from team UAJY and Wahyu and dito from UGM team.  Now, when we’re on Grand final room, romm 117 is consisted of Dito, Wahyu, Ziaul and nino from UGM team, as UAJY unfortunately couldn’t make into the grand final round.

Well, what exactly am i doing now??

i’m being their LO this evening, when all of them working on their paper for grand final.  from 3 pm to 9 pm, i have to stand by at MM room, and do anything Lo have to do to the participants.  but, because the participants do their paper, n of course i can’t disturb them, haaaa…i’m in the hell named boredom, readers!! i just read my novel, do thingy2 in the internet, talk a lil’ with participants, and so on.

But, it’s still a lot better then i ever did on the days before.  I have to accompany 1 team, from 8 am to 1 pm, with really nothing to do beside being ready to provide anything participants need.  Because there’s nothing to be needed by my team (that was ASEANO from ITB), so, i don’t have anything to do. yap, for those 5 hours. nothing to do. fuh!!!

It doesn’t mean that i don’t like this job. i like it! somewhat i love it!!!i get a lot of new friends and i have a great team in Night Shift LO.  there are Tati, Widya, Dwi, Ina, Lalla, Ira, adis, zulfi, wina, and richard. “We’re a lot and we don’t want to be separated” is our motto and #LOceria is our tag on twitter.

sooo….let’s have some fun for about 2 days left of IECOM!!

  1. mikha_v says:

    ntar kasih liputannya dong beserta foto-fotonya 😀

  2. gwe gk ada foto2 mik, palingan lo liat aja tu facebooknya tijo n anak2 lainnya…lg males bawa kamera…ehehehe!!

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