(Short Review)Reading: Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Posted: January 24, 2016 in Reviews and Spoillers

i know i know that i promised myself to finish that book lists on my “where-have-you-been” reading challange..but when it comes to JKR (or Galbraith), i surely will be distracted.

What i can say about this book is….WOA,WHAT A ROLLER COSTER FEELINGS! As usual, JKR serves us deeper thoughts and feeling about the characters she develop, and in this 3rd series of Cormoran Strike i keep changing my mood from intense and thrilling moments to giggling enthusiastically following the up and downs of Strike-Robin’s relationship.

If Agatha Christie a sensible wingbacked chair, then Robert Galbraith is a vast, overstuffed sofa, complete with dog hair and something unmentionable behind the cushions.

Ps: if you’re a fans of Strike-Robin, you better get ready at the end of the stories.

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